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An example of a properly watered tree with berm.


If you follow our installation instructions, we offer a 6 Month warranty Includes. 1 time tree replacement & shipping if you used us to ship.


Purchase of an extended 18 months includes 1 time tree replacement
& shipping if you used us to ship.

Warranty & Planting Instructions

Tree must be planted on day of arrival. 

6 to 10 inches of gravel must be in the bottom of the planting hole.

Finished hole size after gravel.
Small trees need a 48inch square 24inch deep hole.
Medium Trees need a 72 inch square 24 inch deep hole.
Large & Extra Large Trees need a 84 inch square 24 inch deep hole for planting.

Step 1: Remove Plastic.

Step 2: Leave burlap on and set tree in place.

Step 3: Peel off burlap & leave in hole.

Step 4: Water in tree while back filling. Make it muddy around tree so dirt flows under tree and fills all air pockets.

Step 5: Build a 6 inch tall berm around tree 2ft to 3ft from trunk. The purpose of the berm is to hold the water on top of the root ball, soaking the root ball from the top to the bottom.


Water 1 time a week by using a drip system running 6 to 10 hours putting out 40 to 60 gallons of water. If its 80 degrees or hotter, water 2 times a week. Every 3 months spread 32 oz of Triple 15 in berm area. You may use Blood & Bone meal to fertilize & super thrive. Only use triple 15 & super thrive after you compact soil.

Warranty is void if:

  • You do not plant the tree on the day of the arrival

  • You do not follow our  planting instructions

  • You don't use our watering instructions. 

  • You leave plastic on or in the hole. 

  • You use an under ground watering system. Tree must be watered from the top down. 30% of B&B trees that have an under ground watering system die.

  • You add fertilizer to your soil when you back fill. You can use fertilizer after you compact the new soil around the tree. 

  • You don't put gravel under tree. 

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